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TWO-DAY Rural Volunteer

Management Training

June 20-21, 2023


TWO-DAY Rural Volunteer
Management Training
The Westin Jackson
407 S Congress St, Jackson, MS 39201
June 20-21, 2023


This two-day training, sponsored by Volunteer Mississippi and facilitated by Tobi Johnson, MA, CVA of VolunteerPro, provides a foundation of best practices for new and emerging leaders of volunteers, national service members, and other staff responsible for engaging the community in voluntary action, whether it be episodic event-based volunteering, project-based tasks, leadership or governance roles or more traditional volunteering. The goal of the training is to provide participants with an overview of focused best practices in effective volunteer coordination that offer quick wins. The strategies and tactics covered in each module are specifically chosen for their relevance to attracting and retaining volunteers in Mississippi’s rural areas. 
    Module 1:
    Rural Volunteer Management Jump Start
    Volunteers are a vital lifeline for rural communities – reducing isolation,
    enriching lives, providing essential services, and building community
    connections and resilience. However, mobilizing volunteers in this context can
    be uniquely challenging for organizations and leaders of volunteers. The lack of
    community infrastructure and resources, compounded by the realities of
    physical distance can make it more difficult to engage people to help.
    Capacity building for better volunteer coordination is a solid investment in time
    and energy. Equipped with the right volunteer engagement practices, tailored to
    the local needs, Mississippi’s leaders of volunteers can proactively address the
    challenges of building, growing, and sustaining rural volunteer involvement and
    find success.
    Module 1: Build a Strong Foundation for Volunteer Involvement

    By the end of this training, students will be able to 

    • Set the stage for success with a clear rationale for volunteer
    • Define roles & responsibilities for volunteers for both short- &
    longer-term opportunities
    • Assess, prioritize, & manage the risks related to volunteer
    • Create an inclusive onboarding & orientation process that
    welcomes volunteers from all walks of life
    Module 2: Grow Your Team of Committed Volunteers

    By the end of this training, students will be able to

    • Make the case for volunteerism & describe the unique value for communities
    • Pinpoint key audiences that are more likely to be open to appeals for volunteer support
    • Create compelling recruitment talking points, postings & calls to action
    • Work with local organizations to recruit volunteers for events & days of service
    Module 3: Sustain High-Impact Volunteer Activity

    By the end of this training, students will be able to

    • Build evidence-based volunteer motivation & retention strategies
    into program
    • Choose and delegate tasks to episodic and traditional volunteers
    • Maintain clear, consistent communications with volunteers that
    deepen connections
    • Use a variety of ways to monitor volunteer satisfaction, including
    donation box

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