One of our favorite AmeriCorps events is our Program Director Training, and our last session was no exception. Spending two days with our program directors was so inspiring. We discussed member recruitment, member retention, and all of the ins and outs of AmeriCorps. We were thankful to host Jennifer Cowart and Amy Salinas about best practices for finding members well-suited to each program, how to serve members effectively, and how to form quality and lasting relationships with their AmeriCorps members. We’ve hosted Amy and Jennifer a few times, and they always provide such valuable information. We’re already excited to have them again! Volunteer Mississippi loves our AmeriCorps programs, and we want to take every chance we get to learn with and from them. Our trainings help our programs develop connections, resources, and feel more confident as an AmeriCorps grantee. We are thankful to our programs for their hard work and dedication to creating a brighter future for all Mississippians. AmeriCorps MS programs and members are getting things done! Scroll through the gallery below to view some photos from our Program Director Training.